An Italian Café in Eltham – Delizioso!

Welcome to Pierross, your passport to the flavours of Italy.

Nestled in the heart of Eltham, just off Dudley Street, our charming Italian café invites you to experience the very best in coffee, cakes, and pastries. From the first sip of our rich espresso to the last crumb of our freshly baked pastries, you’ll be transported to the streets of Venice – Chef Pier’s hometown.


At the heart of our cafe, our coffee will keep you coming back time and time again.

Whether you prefer the robustness of an espresso, the creaminess of a cappuccino, or the comfort of a latte, our coffee is a testament to Melbourne’s coffee culture.


Made fresh daily, our selection of cakes (including gluten free options) varies each day.

It is hard to resist a slice of orange poppy seed cake, lemon cake, or even a chocolate mud cake.

Check out our selection on the day to compliment your coffee!   


Some of our usual pastries:

  • Rhubarb Danish: Tangy rhubarb wrapped in layers of buttery pastry.

  • Decadent Donuts: Choose from jam, Nutella, or custard-filled donuts, each bite as good as the next.

  • Portuguese Tart: A taste of Portugal in every bite – creamy, caramelised perfection.

  • Cinnamon Scroll: Warm, aromatic, and oh-so-delicious, our scrolls are a cinnamon lover’s dream.

  • Homemade Croissants: Flaky, homemade croissants, perfect with a cup of our Italian coffee.



Made fresh daily, our selection of savoury options varies each day and include gluten free options

Pizza by the slice, savoury pastries, pies and more. Drop by and see what Pier created that day.

A taste of Venice here in Eltham