Our Story


We are proud to bring you the authentic flavours of Italy, crafted with love and passion by our skilled owner and chef Pier.

Growing up in Italy in a town call Vittorio Veneto, nearby the rich culture of Venice, Pier was exposed to the tastes and smells of traditional Italian food at a young age.

Inspired by his dad who was a baker, and his mum who worked for a biscuit factory, (Pier still remembers the smell of cookies when his mum come home from work), Pier enrolled in pastry chef school at 14 where he nurtured his talent and perfected the art of creating pastries and desserts.

As the years passed, his creations gained recognition, and by 20 years of age, he fulfilled his dream of opening a pastry shop back home, called Bionatura.

As one of the first organic and allergy free shops, Pier made everything on the premises and distributed across north and south Italy.

Pier was looking for new challenges and experiences beyond the familiar streets of Italy.

At 28 years old, he booked a holiday to Australia to visit his uncle. This is where he met his lovely wife Lia, and his life changed.

Settling in Australia, Pier worked as a Pasticcere at Via Verona in Kew, where he quickly learnt the language. He also worked for Nicos, Aroma Bakery, Trivelli, Gealteria al monte, as well as attending Melbourne and Sydney food shows to show the art of gelato making.

Pier and Lia soon married and started a family.

Pierross Café

Pier saw an opportunity to bring the taste of his hometown into Australia, opening a cake shop in Eltham selling speciality cakes. Pierross was born!

Since opening the doors in 2011, Pierross quickly added coffee, pastries, and traditional Italian Pizza to the menu as the reputation of this little café grew.

Pierross has now become a much-loved destination for locals where Pier’s creations delight taste buds and win hearts with their flavours, presentation, and love poured into everything he creates.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – to create food that reflects Pier’s Italian roots while embracing the vibrancy of Australian culture.

We believe that food is an experience, and love nothing better than delighting people looking for old-school, traditional foods and recipes of their families, allowing them to reminisce the ‘old days’.

Pier’s commitment to using only the finest ingredients remains unwavering, and he continues to craft organic and allergy-free options for those with dietary preferences.

Our cosy café is a place where cultures merge, and every bite is a fusion of flavours and memories.

Grazie mille for being a part of our story, and we look forward to welcoming you to our little corner of Italy, in the heart of Eltham!


A taste of Venice here in Eltham